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The impact of consumer driven care, a huge rise in technologies that free clinicians, empower consumers and disrupt healthcare is our passion.
We understand that the changes facing everyone obligates us to build something new that is better connected, better prepared and better enabled to help enterprises cope with what comes tomorrow.
Tektology is therefore how we see the future, the relationship between physical, biological and social system – in essence it is about everything around us. It is about how do we help businesses to embrace the future, to meet the challenges of the future today, and to excel.

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Tektology’s Ecosystem is TEKe

The new ecosystem approach to drive health, care and wellness

Open Systems

Order emerges from the open interaction of the independent ecosystem members.

Adaptive Self - Governance/Regulatory

Control and coordination is a collaborative and self - adapting responsibility of all ecosystem members.

Collective Knowledge Management

- Intelligence resides in the ecosystem.
- Collective processing of all the information within the system.

Iterative Learning Process

Ecosystem quickly learns and adapts and is capable of efficiently aggregating the collective intelligence of their many members.

Leadership Team

Our Vision: By understanding that everything is connected, to be a world-leading systems thinking innovator and the reason why health and wellness organisations succeed.

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David Roberts

Non Executive Chair

Guides health and wellness industry leaders and organisations too achieve their strategic goals, consumers strategy’s and technology adoption

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Prof Rachel Dunscombe


Leads systemic design of new models of care for citizens and communities unconstrained and informed by data and technology.

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Nick Elliott


Leads TEKe Consulting delivering digital strategy and transformation. Supporting health system optimisation and SME growth companies to achieve market potential.

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Ramanan Rajaraman


Leading TEKe Innovation Ram drives the creation and evolution of technologies that enable Tektology and it’s partners to meet areas of need that drive viable systems

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Paul Dolan


Drives the health industry growth and development strategy by focusing on clients, connecting people and building health services and knowledge.

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Dr Rizwan Malik


Rizwan has over 13 years experience as a consultant radiologist in the NHS and private sector including a range of senior clinical leadership roles at Hospital and Regional level. He is recognised as a leading digital thinker in the UK, whose agenda-setting views are closely followed by Industry and the NHS.

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